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It's a drill press from Northern Tool. This is the one we have at the lab.

It's a Northern Tool drill press. Chorca got it from Northern Tool. It has 5 speeds, 1/3 HP, and it's painted maroon and black.


Caution: The drill press is dangerous. As with any power tool, these things are not forgiving and will cause bodily injury before you even know what's going on. At the least, wear safety glasses when operating this machine, and you should be wearing gloves. Make sure your work is clamped in place to keep it from flying off somewhere. Make sure all the levers and screws are tightened up on the machine before you start.

The drill press is a small tabletop model. It has 1/3 HP and 5 speeds, which can be adjusted by opening the top cover. The speeds are labelled clearly, and there is a black knob near the back that you loosen to allow you to move the motor forward to slacken the belt so you can change it. Make sure you unplug it before you go messing around under the cover here. Different speeds are for different materials, but higher speeds are good for most things. Low speeds are better for things such as drilling nylon or plastics which will melt under higher speeds.