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Crowdfunding Information At-A-Glance:

Item/Project Date: Start-End Funding Goal Current Donated Fully Funded Funding Open/Closed Related Forum Post
Outside Table 12/24/16-Open $200+ $25 No Open Forum
Panel Saw Open $??? $200 No Open Forum
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Details For Listed Crowdfunding Projects:

Outside Table

This table would be for anyone to use who wishes to sit there. It would be good for just relaxing, socializing, enjoying the weather, if it's enjoyable. Related forum post:

This table would ALSO be good for our smoking members, like many, who currently don't have a comfortable place to sit while we smoke. Also, having some ash trays, we can try to control where the cigarette butts end up instead of being tossed anywhere which is slowly making a mess that others are picking up.


  • Lloyd Black - $25

Wood Lathe

For getting a wood lathe for the lab. No associated forum post yet.


  • A member - $100
  • A member - $25
  • A member - $20