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Generally creating and editing articles in the FamiLAB Wiki is the same process as in Wikipedia. Refer to this article and the excellent article Wiki Help.

Article Layout

Typical layout is as follows (from Wikipedia layout).

  • Before the lead section
    • Short description
    • Infoboxes
    • Images
  • Body
    • Lead section (also called the introduction)
    • Content (sections and subsections)
  • Appendices
    • See also (internal links to FamiLAB Wiki articles)
    • Notes and references (footnotes and citations)
    • Further reading (publications that give more info)
    • External links (relevant websites with a short description)
  • Bottom matter
    • Categories


Links to FamiLAB Slack

Typically people are referred to by their Slack name.

To refer to a Slack channel, use the following method.

See Also

External Links