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A list of projects and project ideas that we find exceptionally cool and exciting.

New Ideas

Musical Stuff

Old Ideas

(It hasn't been updated in some time - so many of these have been done - and we have plenty of new ideas...)

Relatively Easy

  • Simple Website
  • Decontamination Chamber
  • CVS/SVN server (input? ive never used these systems before to be honest **tetsu)
    • Just used for revision control for source code, would be a good way to collaborate on software.
    • Maybe Git?
  • game console area: chairs, tv, cabinet, game storage
    • xbox linux
  • nice cheap steel shelves with particleboard shelves. shelves of some kind. cheap shelves to store things before we're awesome.
  • cool idea database
    • Commercial shelves = pricy, but can be broken down and reassembled quickly, are robust.
    • second hand, could be cheap. $70 for a decent 4' x 6' x 2' shelves from Home Depot.
  • library
  • coffee dispensery
  • pallets of Yerba Mate, Jolt, and Bawls
  • CCD webcams everywhere, recording software, central storage, ease of video logging, streaming
    • IP cameras? That way we can view what's going on anytime! -- Nuno
  • make posters and network maps of stuff
    • everyone loves the Internet Maps. there's a lot of cool stuff to map, and GraphViz can do all the work for us.
    • a few hours collecting data, 15 minutes processing it, and however long it takes a print shop to print it
  • Homebrew security system for the space
  • DIY vapor-transmitted caffeine for e-cigarettes
  • Telepresence Wall
  • Database Mirroring
  • workstation/project webcam autouploader project
    • (D) I will figure out how to get button events to trigger a shellscript to grab the webcam frame, maybe video, and autoupload it to wherever it goes. Also hunt for webcams.
  • Is there some way to decrease the machine-readability of license plates without making them any less human-readable?
  • mobile_computer -- for car, boat, bus, RV or motorbike

Relatively Difficult

  • Portal Mirror w/ Infinity Room
  • Warzone / Hostile Network
    • Warzone network radio station
  • RepRap self-replicating rapid prototyping machine
  • video gaming - any consoles we can find, emulation.
    • I have an emulation program w/all SNES games (~4GB or so), but no controller...I'm sure I can find controllers on ebay or something. Is this what we're looking for? - Nuno
    • I have an Xbox or two to donate, one already modded with X3 chip - M
    • I have an NES, SNES, Dreamcast I can donate - M
  • graphviz project association map
  • electronic whiteboard (webcammed, interact with drawings)
    • oh my god. OCR whiteboard, write code on whiteboard, see actual code run. make common functions so you can just write "turn_off_lights()", or "lightswitch_rave()"
  • blog to verify scientific claims - which soda has most caffeine, composition of e-liquid, etc
  • Giant LED (+diffuser lens) programmable matrix. Cover an entire wall. Have fun programming cool stuff to go on it.
    • elaborate on project details?
    • what about ALL walls are programmable LED matrices  :O
    • metalab made an led wall - [Blinkenwall]
      • interactive blinkenwall - switches/touch? Welcome to the FUTURE!
  • Float Conference/Hackathon Or Something?
    • Ephemerisle Floating Festival
    • We are in Florida :), plenty of beach access. How many miles till international water? ;p
    • Lego robotics project with webcam to work on systems on benches to be
  • Electric Car
  • Recumbent Energy
  • StarTrek&mark; Tri-corders