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Many of our members are open to helping fellow members and guests alike when their time permits. While this is not an extensive list of all our helpful members at FamiLAB, these members have volunteered to make themselves publicly known and available to assist with their expertise. Since they are informal contacts, the people below do not speak on behalf of FamiLAB. Any official correspondence should be directed to our email or through our contact page.

John Cope

John Bent's Beautiful Mugshot

Into colors and shapes. He's frequently found at Open Houses around the laser. His current projects include lasercut shoji-style jewelry, and similarly style lanterns. He will also paint any wall you point him at. Enjoys long walks on the beach, reading about geometry. He explores many of his ideas in 2D and 3D spaces. He may or may not have colored or shaped hair that matches the photo provided. You can email him directly at john bent cope at gma il dot c om --Johnbentcope

DJ Chateau

A significantly more beautiful mugshot of DJ Chateau

Sys admin, hacker, tech enthusiast, pun slinger and despite all other rumors; not a disc jockey. This guy is so obsessed with Linux you'd think he'd merge with whatever kernel he's currently got compiled on his laptop. When he isn't destroying Suraj at Smash Bros or Mario Kart he's sticking his head in any number of books on various Linux programs and concepts. You can reach him via Twitter and reddit.


FamiLAB Board Member - Treasurer


Suraj's likeness captured by Boo

Is not an actual can of Surge. Enjoys SSB4 and LAN Parties. His current projects include laser cutting all the things, 2D/3D CAD for 2D CNC machining and 3D printing, Arduino-based stuff and playing with Cope's hair. Looking to learn metalworking and 3D CNC machining. Photo unrelated.

Aliases include: Serj, Surge, Cualer and Sir Raj.


Aliases: Theodore, Teddy, Sir Tedward, Thedora


Mook hanging out.

Is an actual mannequin.


Willa saying what.

If you need to find someone or something for a project or outreach need -- she can find them/it. As one of the longest standing members of FamiLAB, she's probably seen it, done it, or knows someone who does. By day she hacks websites and other applications at Veracode as a Senior Penetration Tester. Her current projects include building a 500 class quadcopter, playing with the Intel Edison, and hackathons.

Lloyd Black

Wiki admin and the dark side of FamiLAB. Contact info and personal page at: Lloyd Black

FamiLAB Status:

  • Booster Member
  • Ops Team Member
  • Wiki Project Manager
  • FamiLAB Newsletter Editor-in-Chief (Newsletter coming soon)
  • Theater Discussion Night (TDN) Co-Founder and Event Host