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Classroom is a central area of the lab, with the majority of the air conditioning and an A/V setup to allow a group of people to be engaged in a classroom project, a collaborative effort, or an intense meeting/ gaming event. A large central whiteboard allows for lectures/ collaboration/ notes. This area can be closed off from the rest of the lab to allow for private meetings and classes, including private rentals. Contact a current board member for information about rental!

The classroom is the location for our monthly member meetings here at Familab. Consult the FamiLAB Calendar for details about the next meeting.

We also need a description and/or link for the A/V system and Google Chrome so that everyone does not need to go find someone to connect to the Chromecast or the wired connection.

The front-facing projector will work on Chromecast, which is included in the current version of Google Chrome browser. If you do not have Chromecast as a symbol in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser when you are on the FamiLAB Wifi, you can find Cast as an item by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome, then select "Cast". YouTube also has its own Cast option. Ask any member if you have questions about this process. If you ask enough of them, someone will know.