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This page is currently under construction, please avoid full page edits while this notice is in place. Sectional edits are safe but whole page edits could create conflicts between revisions.

This page will feature pictures and information about the cats of members of FamiLAB.

The page will have the following for each contributor:

  • Short profile of the member
  • Pics of their cat(s)
  • Short Profile of their cats
  • Reasons they have a cat
  • How their cat helps them work, if possible.
Please add the information on your own, please just follow some format so the info is understandable.
If anyone needs a wiki account to add their own information, please contact Lloyd and you will have an account created.
Also, if anyone needs assistance let me know. I will give you assistance but I encourage people to add the information on your own.
This idea is from Lloyd Black, because he knows how much cats rule people.
As much as we love our pets of any type, this page is only for cats. Do not put images of dogs on this page. Images of dogs will be deleted.

Lloyd Black and his cat Jack

Lloyd works on the wiki as the "Wiki Project Manager" and organizes the "Theater Discussion Night" event.
  • His cat: Jack was originally a feral kitten but got domesticated quickly.
Jack quickly adapted to domestic life after he discovered he had life made with a constant fresh food, clean water, lots of love and affection, treats, places to climb and human servants to do his bidding.
His name Jack is from Jack Nicholson, who is one of Lloyd's favorite actors.
I've had cats throughout my life. I consider them to be great companions.
Jack doesn't help me work but he does give a lot of comfort when needed.