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Funny names for fake cabinet positions.

  • Chairman at Large
  • Large Chairman
    • gets the Larg Chair during meetings
  • Minister Without Portfolio
  • Minister of Propoganda
  • Fuhrer
  • Creative Account
  • Secret Police
  • MI5 1/2
  • Hereditary Guardian of the Fire Extinguisher
  • Earl of Can't
    • deals with nay-sayers
  • General in Mischief
  • Legal Fiction Writer Laureate
    • Should corporations have the right to marry?
"Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to mean 
that a county court judge or clerk of the circuit court 
in this state shall not issue a marriage license to 
individuals who are not citizens of the United States 
if one or both of the parties are unable to provide a 
social security number, alien registration number, or 
other identification number. "
  • Perilously Great Leader
    • Can make 13 hole hole-in-ones on a 9 hole course
  • Faroah of PHAMiLab
    • for when our crops are dying of drought
  • Bishop of Diagonals

I'm sorry if this was dumb but we were on a roll.