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This page is currently under construction, please avoid full page edits while this notice is in place. Sectional edits are safe but whole page edits could create conflicts between revisions.

This page will feature information about one of our favorite beverages, Bawls.

Please do not link to this page yet, it's still in development.

The logo will be used to promote the beverage, our favorite local distributor and maybe get people to drink more.

  • "Bawls Inside", "Powered by Bawls" are experimental, as they're not official, but they look neat and Lloyd likes to make and alter logos.
  • They're also used to positively promote Bawls and only for that purpose.

Bawls001sm.png Bawlsinsidelogo001sm.png Bawlspoweredby001sm.png
BawlsCanCherryRed130x300xtrans.png BawlsCanOrangeOrange130x300xtrans.png BawlsCanOriginalBlue130x300xtrans.png BawlsCanRootBeerBrown130x300xtrans.png BawlsCanZeroWhite130x300xtrans.png

It will have information about the flavors available, and coming soon.


  • Original
  • Cherry
  • Mandarin Orange
  • Root Beer
  • Zero
  • Ginger Ale (Available in bottles only at this time.)

Naturally, it will also have mention of one of our favorite lab members who is our local Bawls wholesale distributor, DJChateau.

This page will then be linked in a few pages.

Bawls information resources: