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The Lab printers are maintained by members volunteering their time, so we try to keep breakdowns to a minimum! Therefore, we have a list of approved filaments allowed for use in the printers. This is a great guideline if you want to purchase filament for use in the printers, as they have been tested by the maintainers and are known to give predictable results. If you have extra filament after your print job, consider donating it to the 'free use' area to allow others to print and help maintain a small stock of quality filaments.

If you have an unlisted/new/experimental filament you wish to use, please contact members in the #3dprinting chat on Slack or ask in person before purchasing/using in the lab machines. Some filaments such as carbon fiber can be damaging to machines unless they are set up to use them!

Simple Plastics
Manufacturer/Brand Type Color Price/kg Purchase Info
Hatchbox PLA/ABS Any ~$22-27 Amazon
MatterHackers PLA/ABS Any ~$23-43 Matterhackers, Amazon
Push Plastic PLA/ABS Any ~$30 Push Plastic, Amazon
Exotics (Experimental/Unusual)
Manufacturer/Brand Type Color Price/kg Purchase Info
Proto-Pasta HTPLA,PC-ABS,Composites Any ~$30-100 Proto-Pasta, Amazon
NinjaTek NinjaFlex,Nylon,HIPS,etc. Any ~$45-100+ NinjaTek, Amazon
Taulman3D Nylon,PETG,PETT,others Any ~$30-90 Taulman, Amazon

Problem Filaments

These are filaments that we have found to cause issues with lab printers via experience, so please do not use these types/brands of filament in printers. If you have a need to run one of these, chat with the area manager about it.

Do not run (without asking area manager)
Manufacturer/Brand Type Reason
Any Silver-colored filaments (not Grey) Silver filaments (sparkly silver) contain metal particles to give them the sparkly effects. Poor quality control of the sparkle size and build-up of these things can cause jams in printer nozzles. A larger nozzle size may be able to prevent this, discuss any need with the area manager.
Any Carbon-Fiber filaments Carbon fiber is an abrasive. Lab printers are using metal hotends with brass nozzles, and running abrasive filaments will damage these nozzles, requiring replacement. Carbon fiber filaments need hardened/stainless steel nozzles to prevent damage.
Any reputable manufacturer (ColorFabb, ProtoPasta, CC-Plastics) *Fill Filaments (CopperFill, Laywoo-D3, etc.) Filled filaments contain small particles of different substances, such as coffee fibers, ceramic, wood pulp, metals, etc to change the appearance, physical properties, etc. of the filament. Currently the only printer which can print this is the Rostock, as it is using a larger nozzle diameter. Smaller nozzles can clog when exposed to these substances and cleaning them can damage the nozzle. If you have a need to use one of these, please ask which printer to use before running.