Annual Meeting Minutes 8/2011

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Orlando Hackerspaces, Inc.



Held on (Date): August 27, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 p.m. Attending the meeting were the following members: Mack Hooper, Daniel Lewis, Dave Casey, Ian Cole, Aaron Cunningham, Chris Purola, Zane Pickett, Mike King, Kyle Wade, Anthony Morris, William Riggins, Tom Long, and Daniel Burroughs. Voting by proxy were the following members: Peter Doege.

Appointment of Ian Cole as Treasurer

Upon a properly made and seconded Motion it was unanimously RESOLVED that Ian Cole will serve as Treasurer. We thank Peter Doege for his service.

State of the Treasury

We currently have 20 members, contributing a total of approx. $920 per month. We have outstanding payments to Dave Casey for previous classes. Ian Cole will make payment to Dave once we have a final invoice.


We need to obtain both liability and Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance. Based on communication with an agent and other hackerspaces, we believe this will cost around $2000 per year. We need to get our financials together to submit to an agent. Ian and Mack will pursue this offline and bring it to the membership for approval at a later date.

Approval of Renewel of Registered Agent

It’s time to renew our registered agent service. The cost for this service is $189 for the year. Upon a properly made and seconded Motion it was unanimously RESOLVED that we will pay National Registered Agents, Inc. the amount of $189 for their Services for the coming year.

Other Business

Classes have been netting us approx. $130 each time. We need to raise the cost of the kit to cover shipping and other costs. The class for September is scheduled.

We need to define a process for “mini classes” to be hosted at the lab and with a smaller group. A concern was raised about instructors charging for classes. Dave Casey mentioned that a model other groups follow is to charge for materials and anything above and beyond those costs get split between the instructor and the space. This was met by general approval from the membership. We will revisit this in the future. For now we will only allow members to host classes.

There is a concern about sales tax obligations when selling classes. Ian Cole will pursue this in his role as treasurer. Dave Casey will speak with our supplier, Adafruit, about just paying them sales tax.

There is a desire to participate in more group projects. There is some concern about assignment of IP rights. Ian Cole and Dave Casey are attending an open source hardware summit that might shed some light on the subject. We will revisit this in the future.

There is interest in a “soft hacking” class to play with embroidery and other crafts. We will schedule this in the near future.

Mike King raised a concern about a lack of proper safety equipment at the lab. We currently have one fire extinguisher. He would like to see us get eye wash stations for both spaces, as well as an additional fire extinguisher and laser safety goggles. It was resolved that he will come up with a comprehensive list including costs and will present that at the next monthly meeting for approval.

Dave Casey says that Tuesdays are less than ideal for open houses. Mack Hooper suggested holding open house once a month. It was suggested to clean up the contact info on the web page.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

Certification of Secretary

I hereby Certify that these minutes were adopted by the board of directors at a properly called meeting with a quorum present.

_________________________________ Secretary