4x4 CNC Router Upgrades

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This article is a list of potential 4x4 CNC router upgrades. It covers the 4x4 CNC Mill (and some general CNC stuff). Also see Familab Slack #woodshop-cnc channel.

Potential Improvements to the CNC Router

  • Add probe (for zeroing axes on workpiece).
  • Change emergency stops to also stop the spindle motor & the Z motion.
  • Add threaded inserts to bed board so workpiece and spoilboard can be bolted directly to the bed.
  • Add the cyclonic separator to the dust collection system.
  • Modify router table, bed, & rails from 4’x4’ to 4’x8’.
  • Change brackets from MDF to metal.
  • Change lead screws to something better.
  • Change Z-axis motor from stepper to servo, to provide position feedback.
  • Change the X axis & Y axis to linear bearings.