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3D Printers

Description of lab 3d printers. explain the filaments used, and diversity of printer characteristics. Also explain the types of printers with links to the styles of printers (cartesian, delta, corexy, etc). Explain that firmware and software and additional info can be found on each printers website.

Current working 3D printers available
Deltamaker (https://www.deltamaker.com/)
Rostock Max V2 (https://www.seemecnc.com/)
Lulzbot Original (https://www.lulzbot.com/)
Custom MendelMax 1.0 (http://www.reprap.org/)
Current 3D printers needing repair
(Status as of 3/15/2017)
Modified Ultimaker Original (https://ultimaker.com/)

Our custom MendelMax printer was made by our memeber Chorca, and features an 18"x18" print bed. This printer is much more complicated to print effectively on, and requires a more experienced user to run it. The Ultimaker Original requires additional work to get in a fully functional state. (3/15/2017)


List the types of filament that we use on our printers, the challenges strengths and weaknesses of each. List Filaments that have been used on the printers with success. Post links to processes involved in storing, cleaning, and purchasing filament. There is a plethora of information on the web describing the pros and cons of filaments used for 3D printing. Please check out the link below for more information.


Filaments: Information on thermoplastics used when printing on our machines.

All of our machines except our Lulzbot use 1.75mm Filament. The Lulzbot uses 3mm.
It is reccomended that users buy and print with PLA filament. ABS will print on machines with a headed bed (Rostock Max V2, Lulzbot, MendelMax 1.0, Ultimaker). ABS filament presents challenges with warping and layer adhesion that make it difficult to print with.

There are lots of other types of filaments available for printing, but are dependent on the machines ability to print them successfully. Please research each plastic and machine for compatibility.



If you are looking for a quick guide to using Simplify3D slicer, please check out the link below. It will show you how to import your file and export gcode for our specific printers.


Give in depth detail about the slicer and links for additional help on the slicing software Explain memebers who can help with slicing Details on built in slicers (deltamaker)


Some examples of the interface and what the program does. Explain how this runs on a Raspberry Pi and give links to the project page for other users to utilize on their machines.


Explain the type of printer, link to the website for more info on it. List filament types that work, sizes.

Getting Ready to Print

Auto Bed Leveling

Rostock Max v2

Getting Ready to Print


Point of Contacts