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We have been collaborating with BioCurious on their 3D bioprinter project for several years. (Bioprinting is 3D printing with biological materials.) Their wiki is here. They have an online meetup every Thursday night at 10PM Eastern time. We call in during our monthly meetup, when possible.

Current ToDo List

  • Finish work on our biosafety cabinet.
  • Finish work on shaking incubator.
  • Obtain 100micron mesh for liquid cell culture protocol.
  • Parameterize syringe pump SCAD files for multiple syringe sizes. Our source can be found on github here.
  • Set up raspberry pi with octopi for controlling our printer.
  • Set up firmware for printer with check for hotend disabled.
  • Order pressure sensors for calibration with viscous liquids.
  • Do manual "test prints" using proposed media.