Welcome to FamiLAB – you should be at this page because you just setup a PayPal subscription.

Here are a few suggestions to helping you quickly become part of the FamiLAB community.

1) If you use some obscure email with paypal that you never check, please email treasurer@familab.org, let us know you just signed up and provide us with an email that you check often…

2) Fill out the membership packet and bring to the next Monthly Meeting (you can scan it to us, but we’d still like to greet you at the next monthly meeting!) – check the calendar on the homepage – these are typically the 3rd Tuesday of every month…

3) Start reading the wiki – it has tons of information (most is current!) – this New Member Orientation Info page is a great place to start…

4) If you have any questions about your membership status / payments or just how to get started, you can email treasurer@familab.org – we’ve tried to put most of the common questions on the wiki page linked above, so please read that before you email 🙂

Thanks for joining the FamiLAB community, and we hope to see you soon!

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