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Cosplay Closes out Fiber Arts Hangout at Bennett Drive FamilLab

Cosplay Closes out Fiber Arts Hangout at Bennett Drive FamilLab – The Cosplay curious came out for a presentation on Cosplay, from Idea to Iteration, by Aleysha Arce.[1] How to build the Cosplay of your dreams (or that perfect Halloween costume for your son or daughter), step by step, including:
1) Deciding what to build; 2) Research; 3) Budget; 4) Shopping; 5) Toolbox; 6) Planning; 7) Assembly; 8) Finishing; 9) Troubleshooting; 10) Show off!

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A Very ODD Weekend…

I attended a fiber arts festival in Kissimmee called “Orlando Distaff Day” (ODD).  There were so many fascinating machines, and so many 3D-Printed objects: Niddy Noddys*, notions boxes, drop spindles*, and more.  In conversation with various people about the amount of 3D-printed merchandise and tools available, one commented, “oh, yeah, 3D-Printing is revolutionizing the fiber arts!

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drop everything (except your spindles)!

links to wool processing videos from sheep to fabric for Sunday Fiber Arts workshop, including hand tools and industrial machines, and everything in between.

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Swift Saga: a long and (Wool) Winding Road

3D printing Swift and Wool Winder in rainbow filament with Prusa Mini. Links to free files in Thingiverse, and pictures. Detailed instructions in posts to follow.

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