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FamiLAB offers public classes and events as part of our educational mission. To attend a class or see available classes, please take a look at our calendar, where we list all of our events. Most classes and events are open to the public unless specifically listed as “Members Only” or “Private”. If the event requires a ticket, a link will be at the end of the event’s description.

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Regularly Held Events

Open House

Held the first Tuesday of every month from 8-10PM.
Open house is the night we invite people who would like to learn more about FamiLAB to come check things out! If you have a project that you need help with, bring it. If you just want to see what we’re about, come on out! We’d love to meet you.
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Introduction to TCP/IP and InfoSec Concepts 101

Second Saturday Multimedia Night

Held on the second Staturday of every month from 7PM-12AM.
Second Saturday Multimedia Night (SSMMN) combines an hour of learning, and hour of show and tell and more hours of collaborative multimedia mixing and muting that culminates in a live stream at the end of the night. With the live event as our target, we will live stream audio and visuals from the lab and remote locations. All events will be documented and archived as well. SSMMN is open to FamiLAB members and guests of members. Each monthly session will include scheduled special guests, presenters/collaborators and visiting artists. If it makes sound or image, bring it, analog or digital, we’ll hook it up!

Security Night – DC407

Held the last Tuesday of every month from 7:30-9PM
DC407 – Learn network and application security, talk shop, or otherwise hack the Gibson.

Raspberry Pi Jam at FamilLAB! – Central Florida Raspberry Pi Users Group

Held the last Saturday of every month from 1-6PM
The monthly Raspberry Jam at FamiLAB is the Place to be for Raspberry Pi in Central Florida! This repeating event provides a constant support mechanism for the Raspberry Pi community.
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Regularly Scheduled Classes

Intro to Soldering

Learn a useful skill while assembling a simple electronics kit which you get to keep!

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Machine Shop 101

This class is an introduction to machine shop safety and use of vertical milling machines, lathes, saws, grinders, and presses. After a brief safety orientation in the classroom, you will learn how to operate and maintain the equipment via a hands-on class in the FamiLAB metal shop and complete a project spanning multiple machine tools. It is also adults-only because of the dangerous tools.

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Machine Shop Meetup

A biweekly informal meetup to hang out, build something, improve the shop, etc. We will work on machinery, organizing, learning new skills (threading in the lathe, using a boring head, etc) or work on larger projects like power wheels racers or building model steam engines. Come on out and make something!

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Radio and Electronics Build Meeting

A biweekly radio/electronics (hands-on) building. Learn to read schematics and solder circuits from kits or projects from books or magazines. Other possible topics: Building antennas, attaching connectors to coax, software-defined radios, amateur radio licenses, HF/shortwave stations, VHF/UHF comms, digital modes, LEO satellite modes, and Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) stations

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