Long Form Membership Process

This is the official long-form Membership Process, with all the nitty-gritty details If there are any questions, please use the contact form to message us and we’d be happy to help!

If you are interested in becoming a member, you should follow these easy steps:

  • Fill out a membership packet – Please fill out all three forms linked from: https://familab.org/membership-packet/
  • Join the forums – (http://forums.familab.org) This is our formal means of communication and decision making; we need you to get used to it so that you’ll be a part of our our community. After you register, tell us a bit about yourself – Why do you want to join FamiLAB? How did you hear about us? What interesting projects are you working on, or want to work on? Anything else we should know? This will also be a member driven Q/A time.
  • Attend two events at FamiLAB – Reach out and get to know people. (Event types include: Open Houses, private tours, public classes, and other events.)
  • At each of these events, get to know people – Let them know you are becoming a member and that you need sponsorship. Have one of these people that you interact with sign one of the signature blanks.
    Note – Please don’t solicit these signatures during a monthly meeting. If you are unprepared, it’s okay – get the signatures after the meeting and present the paperwork next month.
  • Attend a member meeting – Once you have two sponsor signatures on your membership application, attend a monthly member meeting (every third Tuesday of the month – check the calendar at familab.org). If you are unable to attend for some reason, please send us an email detailing your situation via the contact form and appoint someone you’ve met as a proxy for your membership entry.
    • At this member meeting, we will collect your Membership Agreement forms (3) and have you do a quick “tell us about yourself” recap.
    • Following the end of this meeting, you will have “Provisional Membership” status. This means you can hang out with us as a member, attend events and Member Only classes, but you aren’t paying membership dues yet, and you don’t have an access keycard, or access to the Members Only section of the forum. To get access during this period, check with us on Google Hangouts, email, or forums to see if anyone will be at the lab to let you in. A current member must be present anytime you are at the lab.
  • At the following Member Meeting, an anonymous vote will happen – with a ballot containing the names of all the previous month’s applicants. We will be printing ballots at the beginning of each Member Meeting to be turned into the FamiLAB Secretary (currently Matt Armstrong aka armstrom). These votes will be tallied behind closed doors.
    • If a unanimous “yes” vote from present and proxy voting members is received, the Secretary will send out your new member payment and ID card information, generally within 3 business days.
    • Common question: Why do we require a unanimous vote? — We want to make sure that our members feel safe and secure in our community. Even though we are a very inclusive group, from time to time someone applies for membership that we do not feel understands the proper way to act or behave in a shared space. In these cases, it only takes one member to have seen these actions and raise a concern – we want to listen to that voice and then take more action to understand the concern.
    • If there is not unanimous agreement on your membership, you retain your Provisional status, and our Membership Committee (or the FamiLAB board as needed) will meet to vote on your membership. This decision process will be limited to the time between monthly member meetings, and the vote will be decided by a majority of the voting body.
    • If the Membership Committee or the FamiLAB Board denies your membership, you will lose your Provisional status and will not be allowed at members only functions, or at the lab on any non-public event. You are welcome to apply again after a 3 month waiting period.

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