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So, you want to be a FamiLAB Member? Awesome! We love adding new people to our community. We have a membership process that allows you to get to know us, and us to get to know you before you start paying membership dues.

To become a member, essentially each applicant has to go through a very easy screening process, in which we invite you to come out to the space, come to classes, events, etc, and get to know people. During this time, you can “officially” announce your intentions to become a member by turning in your membership packet at a monthly meeting (3rd Tuesday of every month) and introducing yourself to the members present. You’ll still be allowed and encouraged to be at the space –  and then at the next monthly meeting, we’ll take an official vote, at which point you can become a full member with keycard access and all the other benefits that come with it.

Below is everything you need to get this process rolling!

FamiLAB Membership Packet Please fill out the form linked from:

Join the forums And tell us a little about yourself in the new members section!

Chat with us on Slack – Our official daily communication platform. Invite yourself by using the link here! Slack


If you wish, you can read the official, long-form membership process here.


Membership levels and dues

 Please do not start paying dues until you have been confirmed at a monthly meeting.

Maker” Membership: Dues are $50/month. Membership support of FamiLAB includes voting rights, and 24×7 access to the lab.
Booster” Membership: Dues are $100/month. All “Maker” Level benefits + Recognition on as a Booster + ability to sponsor another individual at the “Maker” level.


All membership levels  include benefits from our sponsors, and other organizations that provide Hackerspace discounts such as Adafruit Industries and Instructables.

Membership rights extend to immediate family members.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for students and those in need.  Contact us for more information.


Just want to support our cause? Feel free to donate any amount you like using the button below. We are a state recognized 501c3; your donations may be tax deductible. :)

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