FamiLAB communicates across many different mediums.  Anyone is welcome to join in and provide their input, ask for help, or collaborate on projects.  Here are just a few ways of getting in touch with us:

  • Forums – This is our main source of long-term online communication.
  • Slack – This is our chat.
  • IRC – You can find us at #familab @ – Warning: Lots of mischief and inappropriate humor here.
  • Facebook – Like us on Bookface!
  • Google+ – Put us in a circle!
  • LinkedIn – What is this I don’t even?
  • Twitter
  • Wiki – Viewable by all, editable by members.  Central storage for information you’d like others to be able to reference.

We also have many interest groups which can be found primarily on the forums, but also have their own pages:

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