FamiLAB CNC Upgrades!

You may think Florida is weird. I’m happy to report that you’re not alone. The FamiLAB hackerspace is actually a Star Trek cultural observation post for aliens and they need some help with a malfunctioning replicator.

The FamiLAB Hackerspace in Central Florida is dedicated to supporting all higher life forms.  As such, we host several advanced spices of engineer and scientist. You need only to attend one of our monthly meetings to wonder where such an odd collection of creatures has come from. These “Doc” Browns are able to convert a slab of wood or similar substance into beautiful works of art, tools, signs and anything else that makes life bearable on earth. When functioning, this equipment turns a nerd into a Da Vinci.

This equipment will be available for all members to learn from and use.

The CNC router has been used until it’s worn out. Here’s a list of broken parts, their replacements and cost(s):
·     (4) Motors, CPM-SDSK-2331S-ELS ClearPath servos with seals but no enhancements. $319 + $14 for the seals each.
·     (4) sets of servo wiring:
o  Controller Cable, 10 ft, Part Number: CPM-CABLE-CTRL-MU120 with Connectors: 8-pin Molex Mini-fit to 8-pin Molex Mini-fit (one connector is overmolded) @ a length: 3.05 m (10 ft), $23 Each
o  DC Power Cable, IPC to ClearPath, 10 ft, Part Number: CPM-CABLE-PWR-MS120, Connectors: 4-pin Molex Mini-fit to 2-pin Sabre, Length: 3.05 m (10 ft) @19 each
·     Spindle bearings. To be sourced by NPolanosky $100
·     Router Bearings. To be sourced by NPolanosky $50
·     Remove MFD from the gantry. $500
·     Beer and Pizza money to bribe volunteers and purchase small parts that we forgot. $150.
·     Total need $2,300. 

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