We’ve been extremely busy the past few months, and have a backlog of exciting stuff to blog about in addition to posts about what we are working on now. I’ll start adding a post or two per week, but here are some images to tide you over in the meantime:

More Nov 14 2015 meetup


Dec 13, 2015 meetup

Dec 13, 2015 meetup

Dec 13, 2015 meetup


Firing up the OpenPCR




We are still in the process of building out the lab and acquiring materials.  Some of the things we have so far:

  • PCRs (OpenPCR, and an OpenQPCR will be arriving soon.)
  • Incubator
  • Autoclave
  • Refrigeration
    • -20C
    • 4C
    • Adjustable
  • OpenTrons Fluid handling robot
  • Pipettors, tips,
  • Misc plasticware & glassware
  • MicroCentrifuge
  • Inexpensive digital scale
  • Electrophoresis equipment

What we are working on building/obtaining next:

  • Clean hood
  • Plant tissue culture supplies
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Miniprep supplies


4 thoughts on “BioHacking

  • Hello! I am an alumni from the synthetic biology club at ucf. I am looking to start a kickstarter for a hackerspace and figured i would look and see if there was already a movenent going. We are looking to collaborate on growing your space and carry out some experiments. In the future it would be cool to find space for the iGEM team to work over the summer. What do you guys think?

    • abyssknight

      Ryan, we have a few folks interested in the biohacking scene. If you can make it out to our Open House, we’d be happy to talk or you could post to our forums. 🙂

    • Nick P

      Yes! They’re definitely still around. Check the calendar for public events or join our Slack group and look for the #diybio channel.


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