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drop everything (except your spindles)!

Since my next 3D print project will be a spinning wheel, I decided to make the theme for today’s fiber arts workshop (at FamiLab www.FamiLab.org every Sunday from 3-5) wool processing from sheep to fabric. I’m bringing in my drop spindles and some examples of raw wool, flax (linen) and cotton for anyone who wants to give spinning a go.

I also found some very informative videos at You Tube. Each describes how the wool comes off the sheep and gets processed, but each chooses to focus on different details and tools, including both hand tools and more industrialized, larger machines for processing in bulk. I would be interested in 3D printing or woodworking a Niddy Noddy, for example, and there are several other such tools and machines that could be fun to build and use.

One of the videos, (“where do I start – choose your tools – spinning yarn for beginners,” by Jillian, Eve), mentions that some Maker Spaces are beginning to make Fiber Arts machines, such as spinning wheels and looms, available. I plan on making a 3D printed spinning wheel, and fabricating a table loom, (probably with more wood and metal working than 3D printing), but I would love to be able to make them and house them at the lab for other fiber arts people to use and learn on!

Here are the videos (you can watch on your own, I may pick one of the short ones to show today, if anyone is interested enough):

 Wool production and processing – Merino wool processing – by the Woolmart company 3:10 https://youtu.be/YwRbyTCqOQY?si=XaHfsfDVC_Kn9GA2

 spinning into yarn – by George Washington, Mt. Vernon, 2:13 https://youtu.be/ltXHYIc015M?si=SdNI7lGNaUROP1TQ

 from wool to yarn – processing raw sheep wall into finished yarn by detlillespinneiet at 11:56 https://youtu.be/1y8Yq-aYW_w?si=B4XTVOFd9kDiGey9

 sheep to cloth and craft tradition by Handcrafted Tradition 13:23 https://youtu.be/ngLoJxssEao?si=5vZA82YGdw-ny4SA

 where do I start choose your tools spinning yarn for beginners, by Jillian, Eve, 19:57, https://youtu.be/MYR8M2Fbllc?si=TH8e6p9k4Z43NUwA

 History of spinning playlist by Jillian, Eve (library of 24 videos) https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

Come learn, help teach others, or just work on your latest project in good company where we can help each other out.


I started in fiber arts with knitting, when I was 8. Over more than 4 decades since, I've added crochet, embroidery, applique, needlepoint, quilting, machine sewing (including costuming), spinning (with a drop spindle), weaving (with a table loom), and other skills. Dana recently got me into 3D printing, and one of our first projects together was the swift and winder for my friend Brielle that I will be blogging about. Next, I've found the files for a 3D printed spinning wheel I want to make. Brielle wants a 3D printed sock machine, next, so we may end up starting our own fiber-processing cottage industry! >D

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