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Custom Game Controller

I saw a picture of a “leverless” fightstick and thought it looked neat and decided to make one.Since mechanical keyboard switches are inexpensive and have a wide variety, I wanted to use those.

Started by designing the button cap and mount for the switch. It took ~5 revisions to get the fit right. Two variants, large and small.

Began designing the top plate that the buttons would slot into. Made a one-button version that would print in an hour to test fit and the new build plate.

Eventually that design was refined to the point it was ready for full-scale trials. First full-layout was printed on the fancy bed, face-down without supports. This version used tactile switches that would poke out the top edge. I couldn’t get the fit right, so I dropped that feature and used a set of regular keyboard switches instead.

Final version before and after wiring. It uses the GP2040-ce firmware. https://gp2040-ce.info/#/ I also added a small screen for configuration and realtime info.

Next revision will improve the placement of the pi pico, inset the top buttons and adjust everything’s positioning for easier wiring and a slightly better fit. It may also be modular and have an option for a traditional joystick instead of leverless.

Posted By Adam on behalf of bzwingzero