At FamiLAB we have a deep sense of community and want to help others in these tough times. With COVID-19 becoming more prevalent in our state, we wanted to ramp up our PPE donations but that means we need your help!

A few months ago Coca-Cola donated more than 6 tons of plastic sheeting to various PPE Projects across the state. Orlando received just over 1.5 tons and FamiLAB is proud to have cut and donated almost 2,400 shields and over 3,000 ear savers to Orlando Health. Many more shops, makers, and businesses helped along the way and in total Orlando Health received over 4,500 shields from 7 places in Seminole, Orange, and Volusia County!

Demand for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) dropped as makers across the state gathered our resources and tools to fill the gaps in the market. But now with cases rising and school starting, for some as soon as August 10th, the need for PPE has risen again. Schools are often underfunded during a typical school year, but with a pandemic, they need even more help!

We still have 960 lbs of material left over from the initial donation and around 1,600 shield pieces cut. That means we can get close to 7,000 shields total! Unfortunately, that’s not all that’s needed to donate completed shields to schools. Along with the lasered shield pieces, we need the mating 3D printed headbands and buttonhole elastic. We’re currently running a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help purchase the missing supplies (Click here to donate!). We’ll be purchasing filament to distribute to local makers willing to print the headbands and the elastic so we can donate completed shields. Each completed shield costs about $1.25-1.50, so even small donations will go a long way. Our gauge chart below will update as we get closer to our goal! Please note this is done manually, so it will not update as soon as you make a donation.

We also thought it might be nice to see our progress along the way, so below we have some more gauges that will show you where we’re at for every step of the process. Keeping our community safe is something very important to us and we hope it’s important to you as well.

If you have a 3D printer and want to help out, 3D printed headbands assembled or not, or can donate your time at FamiLAB when we begin the mass assembly; please reach out to PPE@FamiLAB.org

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