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Thank You, Budget Dumpster!

FamiLAB gets a lot of email. Some emails are inquiries into membership, some are class requests, others yet announce makerspace and hackerspace contests that we can enter. Once in a blue moon, we get an email like we recently got from Budget Dumpster, offering support to DIYers and Makers, asking if we have a wishlist of tools or materials to which they could contribute.

Passing that email to one of our members who’s passionate about tool improvement at the lab resulted in a series of emails discussing lab needs. An interesting and ongoing project that took focus was an art installation that our Burning Man group is working on; for that project, the group will need to be breaking down multiple sheets of plywood. A panel saw would make that both safer and easier. While a panel saw falls outside the budget that Budget Dumpster had, they could contribute to the tool monetarily.

FamiLAB would like to offer our thanks to Budget Dumpster for their donation, which will be put to good use acquiring a panel saw!

See more about Budget Dumpster here.


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