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Big Thanks to Titebond Wood Glue!

Greetings everyone


This past week FamiLAB received a donation from the very nice people at Titebond for our wood working section at the lab. How this donation came to be is sort of a funny story, maybe?


One day on Slack @npolanosky and myself somehow got into an all out donation cold call mode and emailed 30+ companies asking nicely if they would consider us and donate some products. One of those emails made it to the marketing manager at Franklin International and she is the marketing manager for Titebond wood glue and she said yes!!  She replied back with a form for us to select product and we sent it back in and this is what we got.


IMG_1729 copy



4 Gallons of Titebond 1

4 Gallons of Titebond 2

2 bottles of polyurethane glue

2 bottles of liquid hide glue

1 bottle of dark wood glue

1 bottle of Titebond 3


1 awesome Titebond banner (now hanging proudly by the 4×4 CNC)


I think we are pretty much covered when it comes to wood glues for a long time thanks to Titebond! I plan on putting this donation to good use in the very soon future with some beginner wood working classes and others at FamiLAB are encouraged to please use the glue for your wood working projects and let us know how you like it. I personally am interested in seeing how the liquid hide glue works out, I’ve never used something like that and now we have an opportunity to try out something new thanks to the donation.


Big thanks to the people that made this possible at Titebond.


  • Joe Gravelle

One thought on “Big Thanks to Titebond Wood Glue!

  • With the Titebond III we should build a few small boats!!


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