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Weekly Photography Challenge

Calling all photographers!

As many of youHolga Cameras know, in our newly outfitted FamiLAB 1.5x space we have constructed a fully functioning darkroom open to all of our members. This has renewed interest in many to get back into photography, or discover it for the first time.

Beginning this month, FamiLAB will be hosting a weekly photography challenge! This will hopefully be a fun and exiting new way for us to share our images with others and improve our skills. The medium can be whatever you choose, or have available, you’re only limited by your creativity – this means film, digital, cellphone pics, toy cameras, pinhole beer-can cameras, whatever you can find or use, as long as you complete the challenge.

At the beginning of every month, I will release a set of 4 prompts from a set of Lightbox Photography Cards ( on our member forums. I do encourage you all to pick up a set of these cards from these guys, and brows all their selections while you’re there, for other great photography related challenge cards. I will post only the text of the challenge, and some suggested equipment. If you wish to see the example photo, you can meet me in person on most Tuesday nights at the lab.

At the end of the month, we’ll get together at the lab(and possibly through hangouts) to look at each other’s work, provide constructive criticism and vote on our favorite photo!

Being that this is the first time we’ve done anything like this at the lab, the exact logistics might change through the year, but we’ll be sure to let you all know with plenty of time. 🙂

If you have any direct questions, please be sure to join us on Slack ( ) and check out the #darkroom channel.

Best of luck, and may the light be kind to you!

Glass BottlesBarbedWireClockBoats

All photos in this post credit Michael David King. Used with permission.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photography Challenge

  • MaryBeth Gokee

    I have a silly question. I have 1 older iPad for my kids. 🙁 They want to take photos and make 1-3 minute videos for a competition. We’ve had trouble with imovie giving us flexibility. Do you have any ideas/suggestions for me to use with them? Thanks so much.

    • hybridsix

      You might try an app like Pinnacle Studio or CuteCUT.


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