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Build-Out Update: Videos!

Hi, all! Things have certainly been busy here at FamiLAB as we continue to work extremely hard on our new space. We’ve got most of our drywall up and mudded, the electrical is coming along nicely, the networking is looking great, and so many things are coming together.

Our landlord, Dave Woods, has continued taking and posting a lot of videos of our progress. We’ve been linking them in the members-only section of our forums, but we’ve had non-members come out to help, too (thanks, guys!), so we wanted to let you know how to find these videos. There are so many by now that the best way to find them is to search “FamiLAB 1.5X” on YouTube (FamiLAB 1.5X construction videos!)

If you’ve got some time, we could always use any and all kinds of help to continue moving forward. We’re generally working on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and can put people of all skill levels and abilities to work right away! Feel free to contact us by the form on this site, or shoot an email to¬†web@familab.org if you’d like more information on volunteering to help.

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