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We’re Moving! (next door)

Why move?

Three years ago FamiLAB took a big step in its growth and moved from a small 400 sq/ft storage facility to our current 4000 sq/ft location. At the time we had less than 30 members and having 10x the space was a huge step. Since then our membership has grown to over 70 members and we have added a number of new, large tools. Needless to say, our current space is getting a bit cozy. An opportunity to move to a larger unit within the same building has presented itself and our membership has chosen to move. This move will mean big changes for our facilities as we will be building out the office space to suit our needs. We anticipate beginning our build-out over the next couple of weeks and hope to move in at the beginning of 2015. We’ve already gotten a quote from www.BigTMovers.com for the move and have scheduled the date.

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We will also be changing our mailing address to a more convenient post office. If you need to send us correspondence of any kind please take note of the new addresses

Physical Address  (for visits only)

1355 Bennett Dr
Suite 105
Longwood, FL 32750

Mailing Address (for all correspondence)

PO Box 522047
Longwood, FL 32752

Below are just a few of the new features we’ve designed into the space

  • Biohacking lab (Funded through a generous donation by one of our members and his employer)
  • Darkroom
  • Laser/3D Printer room with dedicated, isolated HVAC
  • Lounge/Reception area
  • Much larger room for meetings and classes
  • Dedicated social/break room for small group work
  • Two restrooms
  • ADA compliant spaces/layout
  • Oh, and more warehouse space…

See the floor plan below for the layout of the new office space…


How can you help?


With the exception of specialized labor that must be performed by licensed professionals we will be completing the build-out of the new office using all volunteer labor. Even if you are not a member of FamiLAB we would love to have you out to help contribute to the build. It’s a great way to meet our members and get a great start on the membership process.


The build-out will be EXPENSIVE. We are open to accepting donations of any kind. Corporate sponsorship of materials or monetary donations would be the most helpful. If you know any companies that you think would be interested in supporting our group please have them contact us at board@familab.org. Keep in mind that FamiLAB is a 501C3 nonprofit so all donations (corporate and individual) are tax deductible.


Below are some time-lapse videos showing the build process so far. Enjoy!

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