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FamiLAB Visits the Intertel Annual General Assembly

On Saturday, September 20th, FamiLAB members Jamie Szafran and David Sikes went to the Intertel Southeast Region’s Annual General Assembly (held this year in Orlando) to give a talk about hackerspaces. ┬áThe talk covered hackerspaces in general (definitions, characteristics, examples, history, etc.), Maker culture/the Maker movement, FamiLAB history (“the genesis of a hackerspace”), and Maker education. The talk, planned for an hour, lasted an hour and a half and spawned continued conversation with Intertel members for a further hour and a half.

FamiLAB member and Central Florida Raspberry Pi User Group organizer Mac Rutan, who also spoke, grabbed these photos after his talk.

Jamie and David watch the previous speaker while they wait to speak. – Image Credit: 2014 Mac Rutan
Jamie and David, right before their talk. – Image Credit: 2014 Mac Rutan


FamiLAB thanks the Southeast Region of Intertel for the invitation and hopes to see some of its members at the lab soon!





Founded in 1966, Intertel is a high-IQ society that has only one qualification for membership: a score at or above the 99th percentile on a standardized IQ test.

The society has three purposes:

  • to encourage meaningful intellectual fellowship
  • to foster an exchange of ideas on any and all subjects
  • to assist in research relating to high intelligence

Learn more at

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