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Raspberry Pi Bake Off, with Special Guest Gordon Hollingworth of Raspberry Pi Foundation


Come join FamiLAB on August 3rd, 2013 for our second Raspberry Pi Bake Off! This will be a casual, free workshop where members and guest alike could come, and make various projects with the Raspberry Pi platform. This event will start at 12:00PM noon.

If you have an existing project you’d like to show off, or would like to stop by to see what others are cooking up, you’re welcome as well! 🙂

The spark for this Bake Off is due to the fact that FamiLAB will have a special guest. Gordon Hollingworth, Director of Engineering for the Raspberry Pi Foundation has agreed to take time off from his Orlando vacation to stop by, and meet and greet Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

Gordon is predicted to stop by at 2PM, and give a talk at 3PM.

RSVP here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/7384213381


Update: The Central Florida Raspberry Pi User’s Group will be meeting at 10:00AM,  to demonstrate how to use a Raspberry Pi headless using ssh and VNC. In other words, you’ll be connecting to your RP remote from your laptop without the need for an extra monitor and mouse. To participate you’ll need your Raspbbery Pi and a laptop to connect from.

RSVP to that event, here:


One thought on “Raspberry Pi Bake Off, with Special Guest Gordon Hollingworth of Raspberry Pi Foundation

  • Please add the Central Florida Raspberry Pi Users Group event at 10:30 to the description! The 10:30 connectivity workshop will show RP users how to connect remotely using ssh, VNC and other techniques.


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