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Casting Class – Let’s make more of em!

2/23/13 Casting class -
Let’s make copies
2/23/13 Casting class -
Surgical Precision at work

The Feb. 2013 casting class was a success. We now have 12 more people who know how to make plastic copies of small parts. Normally it takes a bit over a day to make a high quality plastic copy of a part. This is because the mold material takes a while to set. We were making marginal copies of small parts inside 3 hours by using Alginate which sets in 6 minutes. This way we could explore all the aspects of complex casting in a short time frame. Unfortunately, that comes at the expense of poor part quality.

2/23/13 Casting class
One tiny little dinasaur

The next step is for these folks to take what they learned and apply it using better mold materials. We also have left over materials from this class in the Lab. Feel Free to use it.

2/23/13 Casting class -
Master – Mold – and Copy

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