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How an effective employee experience strategy can help your team succeed


The term employee experience (EX) is used a lot lately; the sweeping concept includes the entire relationship between the employee and the organization — from an employee’s interaction with their direct manager to their perception of the workplace environment.

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Essentially, just about anything, from the company’s leadership style to a team member’s work-life balance, may influence the overall employee experience.

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Savvy HR leaders know that a positive employee experience is the cornerstone of any successful business. When companies focus on EX, they enjoy stronger employee loyalty, increased productivity, a healthier company culture, and ultimately revenue growth.

But how do you go about creating a strong employee experience strategy to help your company grow?

Try our employee experience strategies

  • What is an employee experience strategy?
  • 12 Examples of employee experience strategies
  • How to implement an employee experience strategy
  • Seek continuous improvement for a positive employee experience

It pays to invest in employee experience

Answer three quick questions to uncover your future wins.

What is an employee experience strategy?

A successful employee experience strategy should encompass all aspects of EX, including employee productivity, workplace culture, and inter-team relations, in a comprehensive, long-term, and balanced approach. When you strive for a better employee experience, your organization will see:

  • Less workplace stress
  • Lower employee absenteeism
  • Stronger employee ambassadorship
  • Higher job satisfaction

But organizations can also reap the financial benefits of implementing a healthy employee experience strategy and start seeing:

  • Higher employee engagement. Engaged employees are more emotionally invested in their work and are less likely to be disconnected during operating hours (also referred to as presenteeism).
  • Lower employee turnover. Employees who enjoy a happier EX are more likely to stay in their positions in the long term.
  • Successful talent-seeking. When your employees are happy, they are likelier to recommend your organization to other desirable, high-performing professionals.
  • Stronger customer satisfaction. Happier employees produce better work and provide a higher level of service, which leads to more satisfied customers.

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12 Examples of employee experience strategies

So what exactly should HR departments or managers do to enhance employee experience? Let’s break down the components of a knockout employee experience strategy.

1. Focus on the employee

An efficient employee experience strategy sees the company’s own employees as its most valuable resource. And rightfully so. Your EX strategy should put the individual team member at the center and ask:

  • Who is this employee? How long have they worked in the company?
  • What drives this person? What do they want to achieve?
  • What does this employee value in their workplace experience? (E.g., more flexibility, a family-friendly schedule, access to mental health resources, etc.)
  • How can we improve our organizational structure to help this employee achieve their goals?

An employee survey can help you answer these questions. HR professionals can analyze survey results to view trends in different segments of your organization (for example, “About 50% of the employees in our marketing department are young parents who struggle with long office hours”).

2. Build trust

Building trust with employees is a vital part of any employee experience strategy. Security, confidence, and knowing that the company promotes their best interests all help employees thrive.

Cultivating trust in the workplace environment involves:

  • Honoring individual and team commitments
  • Promoting transparent communication
  • Taking accountability and owning mistakes
  • Fostering a helpful and people-first company culture

Trust is a two-way street and needs to be earned. Build trust with your team by asking your employees poignant questions.

3. Give meaningful employee recognition

Employees like to know that their managers and team members appreciate their hard work and efforts. When employees feel valued, employee engagement and loyalty soar. But according to Officevibe data, a quarter of employees expressed that their organization does not recognize and celebrate accomplishments or efforts.

Effective recognition should be:

  • Specific. Instead of “good job,” try “Your report from last Wednesday really highlighted our department’s work.”
  • Timely. Recognition works best when it includes both real-time feedback and acknowledgments during significant milestones, like the end of a big project.
  • Meaningful. Motivation rises when employees feel their work makes a difference and contributes to their personal development goals and broader company objectives.
  • Encouraging. Aside from reinforcing success, recognition can also boost employee morale during challenging times. For example: “We didn’t reach our social media engagement targets, but you did a great job increasing brand awareness. We’ll work together to adapt our strategy for next quarter.”
  • Team-oriented. Recognition should flow not just from managers to employees but also between peers. Why not make a colleague’s day by letting them know how much you appreciate them?

Everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work, efforts, and contributions. Start creating a culture of recognition and watch your workplace prosper.

4. Promote open, honest communication

Open and transparent communication makes every task easier; it allows teams to spot problems, suggest solutions, and develop creative action plans. To improve communication in your company, make sure you:

  • Run regular meetings with employees, either in person or virtually.
  • Encourage all employees to provide honest feedback.
  • Assess your communication channels. If important messages regularly get overlooked in Slack or other communication channels, consider testing out another platform.
  • Emphasize communication with remote employees to keep them involved and engaged.

For those still skeptical about the financial payback of enhancing the workplace environment, our latest article unravels the ROI of a positive employee experience.

5. Encourage diversity and inclusion

A diverse and inclusive work environment helps create healthier, more flexible, and more balanced teams. Today, leaders in many organizations understand that embracing diversity isn’t just “the right thing to do” but a pathway to a better workplace experience and higher levels of success.

A diversity program may address questions like:

  • Do our recruitment processes provide equal opportunities for employees from different ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds?
  • How well does our organization accommodate employees with disabilities?
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, how well does our company promote an inclusive environment regardless of sexual orientation, race, age, nationality, or disability status?
  • How aware are we of microaggression and unconscious biases in our organization?

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