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Breaking News!: Oculus VR Headset at Open House


Breaking news! Reps from the Oculus Virtual Reality Headset will be at FamiLAB’s Open House TONIGHT, December 4th, 2012, to demonstrate their VR Headset, and Unreal integration demo!


RSVP is not required, but if you let us know you are coming, we can make sure you know how to find our space, and we know how many cookies to buy!  FamiLAB Open House RSVP.

The Lab address, etc. are also on our Contact Us page…  Can’t make the Open House? Check out the rest of our Public Classes & Events

3 thoughts on “Breaking News!: Oculus VR Headset at Open House

  • omg I’m excited. I have so many questions! Will they make WebGL compatible? What do I need to know to make a WebGL library for it? Do they ever plan on adding cameras for AR? What’s Linux support gonna be like? And of course, when does mine ship :p.

    Wait… they’re really going to have a demo unit!?

  • Do you guys still have it? I already “ordered” mine when it was still on kickstart and I’m anxiously waiting for it. I want to rig it to stereo cameras below a quad-rotor and use a Razer Hydra + head tracking to pilot it. BOUYA!

  • Dang, wish I knew about this.


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