If you were one of the people lucky enough to RSVP for the event with Raspberry Pi designer Eben Upton before we hit capacity, here’s what to expect on Friday night…

  • LOTS of Raspberry Pi goodness – we know everyone is working quickly to show off their latest projects at the lab. If you’ve never seen a Raspberry Pi or its many uses, you are in for a treat!
  • Speaking of treats, FamiLAB members are bringing some Bake sale items – including the pictured Raspberry tarts (they are sooo yummy!) – We appreciate your support of FamiLAB and events like this in the form of a cash donation, and will thank you with some yummy goodness!
  • Cases – we are working to make a batch of Raspberry Pi acrylic cases in various colors for Friday night. ¬†We will have limited quantities (20+), but can can make more after the event if desired – or you can become a FamiLAB member and make your own with our laser cutter!
  • The event will be “Standing Room Only” – hopefully it doesn’t rain, and we can use some of the exterior space on our extended (asphalt) patio :)