Stop the Presses!

With our big push recently for Orlando Mini Maker Faire, we drew a bunch of attention among the press.  It started with the Orlando Weekly’s Ashley Belanger, who herself is behind another craft fair in the Orlando Area known as the Grandma Party Bazaar.   After visiting our hackerspace she filed this report.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg…

Next was the Orlando Sentinel’s Ricardo Ramirez-Buxeda, who came to our space, shot a bunch of video, and interviewed some of our Makers.  He filed this report.  Ricardo also attended OMMF and we’re awaiting his coverage (as well as a timelapse he shot which we think will be very cool!). Update – The videos are live!

Finally, we were lucky enough to have Mitch Altman visit our faire and teach a class or two on Arduino which was covered in Wired Magazine’s Geek Mom blog here.

It’s been a crazy few months but all of our hard work paid off!  More pictures and video can be found on the Orlando Mini Maker Faire Facebook page!

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