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Young Makers Meeting – January 2012

We had a great turnout for the January 2012 FamiLAB Young Makers meeting. After we gathered and one Young Maker demonstrated his drum kit made from Ikea bowls, PVC pipe, and electronics, the group decided to do an impromptu soldering class for the 9 Young Makers that had not yet learned to solder.

We built the Radio Shack Flashlight kits (thanks again to Radio Shack for their donation of the kits!) and then spent the next 20 minutes seeing spots as they were all tested 🙂



We also discussed Orlando Mini Maker Faire 2012 and how the Young Makers are automatically accepted into the Faire to demonstrate whatever they build. One father + son team are planning to build a robotic lawnmower!

If you or your child love to make things, and need some support to make even bigger or more awesome things – or just want to show off what you’ve made, please join us for a future Young Makers meeting. Watch the FamiLAB calendar, or you can join the FamiLAB Young Makers mailing list.



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