FamiLAB – Now 10x Larger!!!

We are growing! FamiLAB just signed a new lease for 4k square feet, which is TEN TIMES larger than our existing space.

We’ve started a wiki page with some information about the new space – stay tuned for lots of new pics & video as we get moved in over the next two weeks.

For now, here is a pic of the space (the existing tenant still needs to remove their items and close up the large holes in the wall to their other space…

We will also be conducting a fund-raising campaign soon to help us equip the new space, and to make sure we can pay the power bill!

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “FamiLAB – Now 10x Larger!!!

  • f00bard

    So excited! The next open house is going to be RAD.

  • I’m still thinking of how often I’ll call someone’s phone while at the lab because I won’t be able to see them…”Computer, locate f00bard” 🙂

  • tetsuharu

    we moved maybe 1/3 of the stuff out of the lab and took this spooky ghost picture of the new lab with no lights on

  • Ana Wilson

    I literally just did the sign of the cross on myself as I viewed this picture.

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