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Labor Day at the Lab

Labor Day weekend was quite productive at the Lab – here’s a quick sampling of some recent project work…


Ian & Bill laser cut brackets (now on thingiverse!) for the Audio-Reactive Stage Lighting setup

Pink Safety Gear = NOT MANLY!

…then mounted the satellites on the brackets…and then velcro’d the brackets to some PVC pipe (for testing…)…

Lots of MaceTech RGB LED Brackets

..and then tested them with some tunes in the lab…

Testing 1/2 the satellites...


…later, Ian added a level adjustment pot and a button to change the gradient (color pattern) on the fly…




…you can read all about it over on RaisingGeeks.com


Dan showed up with a tube full of ATMEGA 328PU and ATTINY45…so he & Bill burned some bootloaders and had some Arduino fun…


Burning the Arduino bootloader on an ATMEGA 328PU using an ardweeny


Some notes he posted with the pic:

Flashing 328-PU is a little different. Just FYI.





ATTINY45 goes BLINK! (The "blink" Arduino example sketch)


ATTINY45 Larson Scanner


Note: I grabbed these pics off the “abyssknight” Google+ feed – I’m sure he will come replace them with something higher res, and embed the video of the Larson Scanner (hint, hint…)

More soon!

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