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Radio Shack “TV Tennis Game” by Velleman

She's proud of her work!

While on over the July 4th holiday, I was in Radio Shack with my friend Craig (yeah, that’s what I do on vacation…) and I saw that they’d added the Velleman soldering kits at that store. When I saw the “TV Tennis Game” kit, I heard Phineas say, “I know what we are going to do today, Ferb!”  I’d grabbed my soldering gear on the way out the door to vacation so that the boys could try out the Electronic Merit Badge kits, but now I had something even more fun to build…AND we could play it at the “Retro Arcade” event that I was hosting with the FamiLAB crew at The History Center… Read the rest over at RaisingGeeks.com


2 thoughts on “Radio Shack “TV Tennis Game” by Velleman

  • Jeff Rhoades

    Not sure if u could help me, but i just got the Velleman TV pong game as a kit. The up/down buttons for first player wont work. And both paddles move on their own. Any idea’s of what could be wrong?

  • I had a similar problem due to a lifted pad / broken trace. Check continuity from the buttons back to the microcontroller and create jumper wires if needed.


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