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FamiLAB Soldering Class – June 2011


On Saturday, June 25th, FamiLAB held its first soldering class. This class was designed to be a “practice run” before the first public soldering class in July. (Link) UPDATED: We’ve added a “Bring a kit” class in July for those that want help building a kit of their choice (Link)

It was a great time, and led to a really energized FamiLAB business meeting in the afternoon.

Special thanks to Cloudspace for hosting the event, to the GGHC team for the funding used to buy the soldering equipment and member Minty Boosts, adafruit industries for their Hackerspace discount program, Mitch Altman and MightyOhm for the “Soldering is Easy” comic, and to Da3v for his work procuring all the gear.


Stay tuned for more class offerings from FamiLAB – we had a great time, and received very positive feedback from a few members of the community that were invited to help us test the concept. If you were one of the community members that came out, please post any additional feedback in the comments! We’d also like to see you in July – we will be setting up another class where you can bring a kit of your choice and FamiLAB members will be there to assist as needed. (Link to July “Intro to Soldering” Class and Link to July “Bring a Kit” Soldering Class)

We are also discussing an “Intro to Arduino” class – anyone that is interested, please post in the comments so that we can let you know when it is available.


Da3v instructing the group on soldering technique
Sirwolfgang reading the "Soldering is Easy" comic book instructions from Mitch Altman and MightyOhm...
The "MintyBoost" kit from adafruit industries (FamiLAB <3's adafruit!)
MintyBoost parts on our custom soldering table protectors (great work da3v!)
One of our two very full tables...
Someone forgot to insert the IC 🙂
f00bard going for massive overkill points with his tin snips...
The nibblers from Harbor Freight worked well for those not going for massive overkill...
A completed MintyBoost, in its case


Thanks again to Cloudspace for the...space... Gotta go to space...

More pics here

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