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Velleman IR Light Barrier Kit Review

So I’ve been teaching myself to solder using various kits from Adafruit, Sparkfun, and our local store, Skycraft. This kit is from Velleman and I bought it over at aforementioned Skycraft. Basically, it uses an IR transmitter and receiver pair to create a trip wire alarm.

The kit was relatively easy to assemble, although the PCB quality is definitely less than the other kits I’ve built. The pads are big, but I get the feeling the PCB would easily delaminate under heat. The instructions are clear, but they are not in color, making it just a little harder to build the kit without double and triple checking your resistor and capacitor values. They do tell you the color codes, however, so you could probably build it without double checking the values — I used a simple multimeter and my finished capacitance meter kit from Sparkfun just to be sure.

One thing I would recommend is leaving the 9v battery packs loose instead of screwing them in. Putting the batteries in tends to flex the PCB, and could lead to an eventual break in the boards. Overall, for the price, this was a decent kit and is actually pretty useful. The range is pretty good, and the buzzer is quite loud. For $12.50, it can’t be beat.

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