Lab Audio System

Chorca sent this out to the mailing list, but it bears repeating because its awesome:

Last night I was up at the lab with sirwolfgang and we worked on his cube. While it was printing, I worked on setting up the lab-wide audio system we’ve been wanting.

Currently I have all 4 Klipsch speakers hooked up, one in each corner of the lab, run back to the rack next to the laser cutter on the second to top shelf. I moved some of the material there on the shelf to make room.

I hooked up the EQ and receiver. The EQ is on passthrough, if you want to use it, turn it on and press the Tape Monitor button on the receiver. This will tell the receiver to amplify what it gets back from the EQ rather than what it sees on the input. There are only two active inputs right now; the Motorola Bluetooth receiver and a short 1/8″ audio cable. I may bring a longer one in from home to use with the middle computer. My final idea is to get each computer or area hooked up to an RCA switch so you can select with a button which area you want audio from.

For now, connect via Bluetooth with your laptop or phone and play audio. I should have the Athlon x2 hooked up to the receiver tonight.

Please don’t play with small buttons or knobs on the EQ. They’re set up how they should be, and don’t need to be played with to make it work. The “Meter Sense” knob will adjust the sensitivity of the spectrum analyzer, and the EQ button turns on or off the LEDs as well as the EQ function itself.

The inputs that are hooked up are CD and AUX. We don’t have an antenna for FM (not sure if anyone even listens to that) but the whole system rocks and seems to work quite well.

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