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GGHC: We Did It!

The FAMiLab team finalized our entry in element14’s Great Global Hackerspace Challenge last night (or was it this morning?!)

We had a solid crew out for the last evening of work, and we managed to not only get lots of work done, but we made a little video too..

Now that I’ve had a little sleep, and I’m starting to reflect on the past 6 weeks, I realize they have been quite an adventure – we spent 2 weeks just getting to a concept, then in 4 weeks went from concept to vision to reality. If you haven’t seen the latest, check out www.sensingplatform.org

I know we have much, much more we’d like to do with the Sensing Platform, and I can’t wait to see what we create next.

element14 plans to announce the semi-finalists by Friday Monday night – so stay tuned for that news.

Enjoy some pics from our final build night


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