Greater Global Hackerspace Challenge Update

With less than one week to go, the FAMiLab GGHC project team has made an AMAZING amount of progress.

We’ve designed a sensor hub / node protocol, written an Arduino library, created a project overview and roadmap deck, created a github source repository, created a hub and sensor node reference design, modeled and printed a case, designed a custom PCB, started a win32 data capture program and a Processing data capture / graphing program,  launched a website and blogged about our adventures. We haven’t slept much, but there is time for that later!

There is still a ton of work to do. The 3D printed case now gets acrylic parts cut to match its dimensions, completing the design. We have to mount the hub components in the case, etch and build the PCB full of RJ-45 jacks. We need to finalize the LCD code on the hub. We need to keep building sensor nodes with new types of sensors to test the protocol, and to demonstrate a fully-working 6-node system. We need to photograph, video, document, and document more.  I suspect there will be someone working on GGHC at the lab almost continuously until  Tuesday the 3rd at 11:59pm PST when the build period ends.

To those that have been involved, keep up the great work – and try to get some sleep before the weekend…

If you haven’t been involved, it is NOT too late. Catch us on IRC, post comments on the element14 blog, or stop by the lab.


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