GGHC Submissions — Vote For Em!

The submissions are in. here are the public Google Documents to the proposals:

  1. Smart Desk
  2. CC430 Platform
  3. Xylophone Blocks
  4. Color Explorer
  5. Physical Sensor Array

Please vote on ]these submissions by the end of today, and I will put up another post with the vote results. I will only count your vote if you have committed time on the GGHC sign up sheet.

To vote, just send an email to familab.4am@gmail.com with the subject “GGHC: my vote”, and give each submission a vote of 1-3:

  1. Not interested.
  2. Not my thing, but I’d work on it.
  3. Do want!

Hope that’s not too complicated.

6 thoughts on “GGHC Submissions — Vote For Em!

  • I’m in, want!!

  • lol, you’re supposed to vote on each submission. is that ‘want’ for all 5?

  • i’ll do them all, but i like the last twp 4&5 the best; Color Explorer and Physical Sensor Array

  • You should take the time to read through the entire Spec documents and get familiar with those projects, then. We have 4 weeks to accomplish this, and we need a project that’s doable by the schedule in the other GGHC page I linked to.

    Ideally you would read all of them, then vote :p.

  • fishtank

    The physical sensor array sounds cool, though I don’t think my vote should count for much…

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