GGHC Project Spec Submissions Due Noon Tomorrow

tl;dr — Element14 is hosting a “Great Global Hackerspace Challenge” and we are participating. We are deciding on a project on Thursday. Project specs are due by noon tomorrow if you have an idea and want want it in the vote.

We had a meeting last Tuesday to narrow down our focus for the GGHC competition and got at least one solid idea out of it, and several other sparks of creativity in other directions. In the interest of fairness, we’re doing an official vote Thursday afternoon and accepting project specs until noon Thursday.

If you have a project idea, or just want to flood my inbox with automated text-generated proposals, please include the following things in an email to familab.4am @ gmail.com:

  • Project specification — how we will know when we’re finished, how we plan
  • 4-week development plan — we have 4 weeks to work on it, what do you think we’ll spend them on?
  • List of components and prices — Element14 would prefer you source components from their shop
  • Include development boards, etchant, etc in your list of components & prices
  • A use case scenario for your project

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