COFFEE MUG – ‘Central Orlando Florida FAMiLab Electronics Enthusiasts Makerbot Users Group’ Sound Therapy

We are starting a Makerbot Users Group and calling it COFFEEMUG — the ‘Central Orlando Florida FAMiLab Electronics Enthusiasts Makerbot Users Group’. Witty, eh?

The group is up for anyone involved in home-use rapid prototyping projects, such as but not limited to: Makerbot, RepRap, Ultimaker, laser and ceramic sintering, vacuumforming and anything CNC.

We communicate through a mailing list: https://familab.org/mailman/listinfo/coffeemug_familab.org

We met today. Present was MakerBot #394, #421, and #736, along with a RepRap Mendel.

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4 thoughts on “COFFEE MUG – ‘Central Orlando Florida FAMiLab Electronics Enthusiasts Makerbot Users Group’ Sound Therapy

  • Awesome! Sorry I couldn’t be there, but I’ll be by for the next meeting for sure. Thanks for letting the RepRap get a cameo in the shots 😀

  • charlie

    Hello, looking for someone with a Replicator2 who could print my model in BLACK or GREY.
    Thank you!

  • Just bought a Makerbot and looking to join a usergroup. I’m about 3 hours away from Orlando and will be interested in attending the meetings. Just browsing at the scheduled events, a bit unsure what day/s I should attend, not sure about a “hackathon” or what time I should show up on Saturday.

    • Where are you located, we likely know someone near you with similar interests…

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