RepRap is Rapping

Well, after much work, finding out that the power supply we bought was very noisy, replacing it with another one, and then getting a ton of other stuff worked out, I have a mostly-working RepRap.

First piece that came out wasn’t amazing, but it was a piece:

I decided to work more on getting Skeinforge to work, as that’s the best program for actually making decent Gcode files. After a bunch of tinkering with settings and trying to get things set up properly, it finally started to show some decent prints. I still need to work on getting the bed height working right; I want to add a homing routine.

Here’s a video of printing a ring:

This is one of the first few prints from the machine. It’s looking great!

One thought on “RepRap is Rapping

  • f00bard

    Shouldn’t that be “Reprap is repping”? =)


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